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What energy does 2021 hold in store? And more importantly, how are you preparing for the new year?


We have all been through unprecedented changes in 2020.  Most of us know that we are just at the beginning of a big wave of transformation.


There is no returning to the old ways,

but what will your new ways be?

2021 is the Year of the Metal element Ox,

of Yin energy quality.


As an ancient art and science, feng shui uses specific calculations to help define the overall energy of each new year and define the potentially negative areas in one's home and life.


Based on these calculations, Rodika is offering a variety of solutions to help neutralize the potentially negative energies and emphasize the positive ones. 


 It is a deeply healing art and science.

It is not a display of exotic trinkets.

The annual feng shui updates are applied on or before the Chinese New Year.

In 2021 the Chinese New Year is on February 12th (the second New Moon after the Winter Solstice).



The annual feng shui updates are based on the classical feng shui school called the Flying Stars school, which delineates different positive and negative energies as "stars". Each year these energies are moving in a specific pattern that affects the energy in your home. By knowing and addressing these energetic patterns accordingly, you can assure a more harmonious, stable, and supportive home.

There are 5 positive stars/energies and 4 negative stars/energies, along with a few specific challenging energies not defined as stars but rather mythical characters. You will receive a variety of options for best feng shui decor solutions to neutralize the potentially negative energies in your home, as well as strengthen and welcome the auspicious energies/stars in 2021.



I have deep love and respect for ancient Chinese civilization. The study of Daoism, Qi Qong and Feng Shui in all their complexities reveal the laws of Universal energy that can much benefit human life when applied correctly.


Energy has no boundaries, no nationality and no preferences, but it does have specific laws, which are universal.


It is important to apply this ancient feng shui wisdom from a calm, intelligent, and empowered stance, and not be triggered or manipulated by fear.  I do see a lot of fear used in presenting the annual feng shui updates and this saddens me.


Fear is the worst motivation when applying feng shui (or anything else, for that matter). You do not alleviate your fears by applying an exotic-looking, hard-to-pronounce, unknown-to-you feng shui cure, you only give your power away and drive the fear deeper into your subconscious. These are not the times to indulge in more fear.


Join me in this simple online course if you are ready to feel empowered in your home and in your life and enjoy the many lasting benefits and deep blessings that this ancient wisdom offers.

Do the 2021 updates cover the classical feng shui cures?

Yes, the updates cover all the classical feng shui cures for specific negative stars/energies, as well as the feng shui cures to amplify the auspicious energies in 2021. Rodika goes further, though, by explaining why a specific traditional feng shui cure is used and helps you become more empowered by applying intelligent and lasting feng shui work. Even though this course covers the placement and meaning of the most popular classical feng shui cures, the focus is on finding the best, most potent feng shui cures for you and your home.

It is important to realize that:

The power is not in a specific feng shui cure, but in the energy it represents.

Any specific quality of energy can be represented in a multitude of forms. Since you are applying the feng shui updates in your home, any annual 2021 feng shui cure you choose has to work harmoniously with your personal energy, meaning you have to like it and feel a connection with it. It also has to work with the overall energy/decor/look and feel of your home. This is the basics of a good feng shui home. 

Rodika has worked with real people in real homes for over 20 years and is giving recommendations based on what works, not on what is thought to work.




The 2021 Feng Shui Updates for Your Home

with Rodika Tchi


Your clear and practical tips for balancing the energy in your space in 2021 


Known for simplicity, practicality, and accuracy, Rodika's annual feng shui updates have been applied by thousands of people worldwide.  In 2021, Rodika is presenting the info in a short online course format with videos, audio files, and text.

She has been offering the yearly feng shui updates for many years and knows how to make them work in a Western home.




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The 2021 Feng Shui Updates



(with video tips, cures & special bonuses)








Discover practical feng shui that works.



The 2021 Feng Shui Updates come with


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Rodika Tchi

Master Feng Shui Consultant

and Best Selling Author

Rodika Tchi is a leading feng shui expert, master consultant, and published author. Interviewed by ELLE Decor, Style at Home, Business Insider, The Globe and Mail, Psychology Today, Huffington Post, and many others, she knows how to use feng shui to create vibrant and beautiful spaces. 

She has been consulting for a variety of projects — from residential to commercial, corporate to real estate — for over 20 years and has loyal clients all over the world.

Experience the energy of 2021

with calm and confidence.


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You have a full-year, anytime access to this course.

The 2021 Feng Shui Tips and Cures eBook is available at a significant discount with the purchase of the course.

You can benefit from the special offer for the Feng Shui Home & Life Makeover course with Rodika in January 2021.

You will receive a FREE GIFT, The Secrets To Activate Your Five Feng Shui Money Areas eBook.


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