“Training and certification as a professional feng shui consultant with Rodika Tchi proved to be one of the most valuable investments in my life. The knowledge, professional expertise & wisdom Rodika shares and emanates is vast, giving amazing inspiration to all aspiring feng shui consultants. 


The value I received from the entire training far exceeded my initial investment.¬†I have chosen to continue working with Rodika because, to me, she is the perfect teacher and mentor ‚ÄĒ calm, stable, creative, intuitive, inspiring, logical¬†& intelligent, but above all a human with a big heart and compassion.‚ÄĚ




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"Thank you so much for the beautiful teaching that you give. It is so profound and deep and with so much love, I really enjoy learning from you." 




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The Home & Life Makeover


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"The Feng Shui Makeover is such a great course! I was doubting in the beginning because it's quite a big investment, but it was worth it. Rodika is full of wisdom and she gives it all not only in the materials, which are of very high quality, but also in the Q&A sessions.


She's a very generous teacher and she offers something that many other feng shui consultants don't transmit, and which is a true understanding of the house energies and it's relationship with the owner. She gives very practical and powerful guidelines to orientate yourself in the world of the energy and get confidence in your own intuition, your own sensitivity to energy.


I have loved the course and would recommend it to anyone interested in feng shui. I have learnt so much!"






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