Join the 2024 Professional Feng Shui Consultant Certification Training with Rodika Tchi

 (maximum 8 students) 

 October 2024 - April 2025



"The structure of The One Feng Shui School Consultant Training with Rodika Tchi is very organized, effective, thoughtful, and fun as well. The video lessons are very comprehensive and thorough, with a great deal of beautiful visual examples.


We had many group meetings throughout the 6 month training process. Each of us also had many private sessions with Rodika and we took the opportunity to feng shui, at an advanced level, our own homes. In both group and private sessions, Rodika often went overtime, putting her care, passion, empowering us first and making sure that we always felt complete. 


She has so many gifts, from her delightful personality and strong character to her healing and intuitive nature to her brilliant skills, knowledge and talent in both feng shui and business. Rodika Tchi is a gift to the world and to the feng shui community at large. She is brilliant in her knowledge, creativity, listening and communication skills and care, humor, curiosity and warmth towards her students. 


Already feeling passionate about feng shui before the training, I am so grateful for how Rodika guided me to start mastering this ancient knowledge with vibrancy, masterful skills, self-trust and commitment."


THEA LITTLE  |  NEW YORK |  USA (coming soon)


"Training and certification as a Feng Shui Consultant under Rodika's mentorship proved to be one of the most valuable investments in my life. The knowledge, professional expertise and wisdom Rodika shares and emanates is vast, giving amazing inspiration to all aspiring feng shui consultants.


The whole program is designed very intelligently.  It is divided into three essential parts; video lessons, group sessions and individual sessions. Altogether they make an organic system that works perfectly. Video lessons are designed in a logical, structured manner. The pace at which they progress is moderate, making it easy to follow. All the theory is presented in an interesting, inspiring, and contemporary way. Lessons are beautifully designed, well-edited, and include excellent case studies for every topic covered.


Group calls serve as a platform for sharing experiences, addressing doubts, and discussing questions that arise during the training. I loved our group calls. As the whole program is held in an intimate setting of a small group there was a lot of space for each of us to put our questions on the table and receive answers and feedback.


In individual sessions Rodika worked with us and our homes one on one . This was amazing practice and deep work on multiple levels. It was my favourite part of the program. I saw many changes in my life and the life of my family as we worked on our home during mentorship. I developed a better understanding and deeper connection with my home and this connection is deepening as work with my home continues.


After six months of intensive and in-depth training with Rodika, I felt confident enough to conduct my first consultations.


The value received from the entire training far exceeded my initial investment. I have chosen to continue working with Rodika because, to me, she is the perfect teacher and mentor‚ÄĒcalm, stable, creative, intuitive, inspiring, logical and intelligent but above all human with a big heart and compassion. I wholeheartedly recommend Rodika and her training to anyone drawn to Feng Shui and her unique approach to it."


ANA MALACIC  |  ZAGREB |  CROATIA (coming soon)


The pre-requisite for the Professional Feng Shui Consultant Training is

The Home & Life Feng Shui Makeover  

You can start your makeover today.

¬†"I love your intense energy and intelligence! I would like to be able to stay on track the way you do.¬†I must say I learned much more than I could have imagined and really it was what I came for!‚ÄĚ




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