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The Home & Life Feng Shui Makeover 

Rodika's most popular 7 weeks online feng shui course with free books, bonuses & Q&A videos. Registration opens June 2022. 


* The Makeover course is a pre-requisite for the professional feng shui consultant certification training.

"The Feng Shui Makeover was such a great course! I was doubting it in

the beginning because it's quite a big investment, but it was worth it. 

Rodika is full of wisdom and she gives it all not only in the materials, which are of very high quality, but also in the Q&A sessions."



The Home & Life Feng Shui Makeover is a content rich and visually inspiring online course taught by Rodika Tchi several times a year.


You will learn to create a beautiful, harmonious home while receiving many practical tools to protect, enrich and strengthen your health & vitality and reclaim the pleasure of living.



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The Makeover Content & Structure


The Home & Life Feng Shui Makeover is a 7 weeks online course packed with visually inspiring, detailed and instructional videos, audios, and PDFs to help you create a happy and harmonious home. The in-depth feng shui information is presented in an easy to apply format and practical, down to earth guidance.


The course includes the live component of three Q&A sessions with Rodika where she answers all your home decorating feng shui questions. The detailed, week-by-week course curriculum is available during course launch.



The Home & Life Makeover Unique Features


The Makeover course is designed with Live Lifetime access, which means you can join the live course again, at no additional cost, and ask your questions during the future Q&A sessions with Rodika. This allows you more time to learn and apply the extensive information presented in this course. It also makes it helpful when you have to miss specific lessons or Q&A sessions because of a busy schedule.




Special Bonuses


Unique bonuses such as complimentary books, specific discounts, and personal home feng shui consultations with Rodika, are included in each class. A growing library of past Q&A sessions can help you with many in-depth answers about home decor and various life circumstances that harmonious home decor can help address and remedy.

The detailed course curriculum + the list of bonuses available during course launch.










The course content is delivered over a 7 weeks period. If you cannot take it week by week, you can learn at your own pace, as you have 24/7 access to all materials. If you did not have time to ask Rodika your questions during the Q&A sessions, you can join the course again at the new launch, and ask your questions, at no additional cost to you.



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