About Us


The One Feng Shui School was created by Rodika Tchi for the purpose of teaching clear, in-depth and practical feng shui knowledge that brings lasting results. Our goal is successful and aesthetically beautiful application of this ancient wisdom in modern dwellings. 

Our name, One Feng Shui School, expresses the essence of Rodika’s vision. While a variety of feng shui methods can be used – all depending on client's project – this is one body of knowledge with one main focus: to improve human health, well-being and happiness.

The schools taught in the Professional Feng Shui Consultant Certification Training are the following: Landscape/Form (San He), Compass (San Yuan), the foundational Flying Star (Xuan Kong), Eight Mansions (East-West), the Primordial 5 Elements, Nine Star Ki Feng Shui Astrology, the Three Gates/Nine Palaces/BTB, and other methods.

In addition, students are thoroughly trained in working with the energy of any space, deal with modern concerns such as the many forms of environmental pollution, use space clearing, understand the energies of the land, observe and understand the correlation between the energies of the space and their client’s well-being, and many more nuanced energetic tools to assure the success of this work.

Our Professional Feng Shui Consultant Certification Training includes over a hundred hours of visually inspiring and detailed lessons with clearly presented feng shui knowledge, powerful tools and case studies, interactive group mentoring video calls, a training community platform, and seven in-depth private sessions with each student.

Adding to the extensive knowledge on the subject of feng shui and its successful application in different environments, students also receive unique insights about the feng shui consulting business based on Rodika’s two decades of full-time consulting experience. 

Effective strategies to sustainably grow and expand one's consulting business are shared throughout the training, strategies that are general, as well as tailored to each student's individual strengths. This professional training includes a wealth of successful consulting business principles aligned with the rapidly changing scene of modern marketing.

The pre-requisite for our training is The Home & Life Feng Shui Makeover, a seven weeks online course you can take at your own pace, at any time. Our school also offers short classes for those who want to have an introductory experience to a specific application of feng shui.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

We wish you vibrant health, peace and much happiness!